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With 30 years of experience in publishing Schedules of Rates for the Built Environment, we are the trusted name in Term Maintenance Contracting for Building and Highways.  Creating Bespoke Schedules for various Organisations and hosting Clients and Contractors in our own Contract Management Software Programme MTC QS

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  • Do you write contracts, estimates, quotes or invoices?
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If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then it's very likely we can help you save money and free up time too.

Trusted pricing tool for Building, M & E and Highways Maintenance Works

  • NSR Management are the market leaders for National Schedule of Rates pricing tool in printed and digital formats for Building, Mechanical, Electrical, Housing maintenance, Access Audit, Highways and Painting and Decorating works.
  • We have been established for over 25 years and been in the forefront producing the National Schedules of Rates as a pricing tool for the public and private sectors.
  • Originally just produced as a hard copy, we have evolved into the Market leaders in the provision of comprehensive library of schedule of rates in electronic data including eBooks and Look-up service, and of course it's still available in the original format, all of which are all updated annually
  • NSR Management have developed a bespoke software system "MTC QS" which makes the whole process of creating and tracking quotes, orders and invoices simple and efficient, this works hand in hand with our schedules and can be used for the management of maintenance Contracts.
  • To compliment this, we provide comprehensive training for our Schedules of Rates and our software package. We also offer a range of consultancy services and work Nationally to support all our products.
  • Our client list ranges from sole traders to multinationals, FM companies, Local Authorities, NHS, Police, Government Departments, Network Rail and many others.

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of our MTC QS software.

What are the Schedule of Rates?

NSR Management produces a detailed library and varied sets of Schedules including two composite schedules, the Housing Maintenance Schedule and the Access Audit Schedule which are used as a predetermined pricing tool for repairs, refurbishment, maintenance contracts and property related works. They are a tried, tested and trusted system of pricing and payment mechanisms that work for tenders, estimates, quotes and invoicing. The Schedules are updated annually to ensure they are in line with current labour, plant and materials costs and are based on SMM7 (The Standard Method of Measurement for building works), the RICS New Rules of Measurement (NRM) and the Highways MMHW.

What can the Schedule of Rates do for me?

If you are on the Client side of the contract, we can help you save time and costs when preparing and evaluating tenders, and allow you to easily check and verify quotes and estimates.

On the Contractor side of the contract, our MTC QS based contracts are quick and easy to price at the tender stage plus throughout the contract you can produce quotes, estimates and invoices with ease, which are very easy to check and verify on site, reducing disputes and speeding up payments and cash flow.

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