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About the National Schedules

With 30 years of experience in publishing Schedules of Rates for the Built Environment, we are the trusted name in Term Maintenance Contracting for Buildings and Highways.

Our Schedules are the only National basis of pricing that is truly independent. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Demonstrating Best Value – accountable, efficient, auditable and transparent means employed by our Users to replace repetitive tendering.
  • Measurement and Pricing – Employers and Contractors enter a fair means of estimating/quoting the cost of the works on a pre-determined basis over the term of the contract.

  • Peace of Mind – the Parties can avoid potential disputes arising from pricing structures unsuited to the variability of asset type and work orders common in Term Maintenance with a clear and comprehensive basis.
  • Benchmarking – a powerful mechanism for any organisation to understand their costs and how they compare against similar organisation.
  • Updates – Schedules are comprehensively updated each year with new editions published on 1st August and further updates in November.

As a result we are specified in the Joint Contracts Tribunal’s Standard Form of Measured Term Contract (JCT MTC).

With over 40,000 rate items updated yearly, we publish a range of National Schedules in book, data and web format: Building Works, Mechanical Services, Electrical Services, Highways Maintenance, Housing Maintenance, Access Audit and Painting and Decorating.

Explore our Customer page and website to see why we are specified. We are responsive to your needs so do please take the time to give us your feedback.

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