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National Schedules for Building and Highways Maintenance projects.

The genesis of the National Schedule of Rates dates back to 1982.

The need for a pre-determined means of pricing was itself established in 1980 following the change in requirements governing Local Government direct labour accounting brought about by the Local Governments planning and Land Act 1980. In its own Accounting Code of Practice for Direct Labour Organisations, the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) had recommended the use of the schedules.

Discussions were held with a number of other Local Authority organisations and with the Construction Confederation, formally Building Employers Confederation.

The first National Schedules for Building Works was developed jointly combining the Construction Confederation and SCQS schedules and released primarily for Local Authority maintenance and repair contracts. They are compatible with a variety of contracts including JCT MTC.

NSR Management have been publishing the Schedules of Rates for more than 25 years.

NSR Management have been publishing the Schedules of Rates for more than 25 years, we are the trusted pricing tool supporting the construction industry with competitive pricing. The National Schedules provide a predetermined, transparent and accountable means of pricing that can be adapted to suit all of the common forms of Term Contract and several price and payment mechanisms this enables clients and contractors access to a fair means of estimating/quoting the cost of works on a pre-determined basis.

Since then the National Schedule has developed into a comprehensive library of seven schedules and have been widely adopted in both the Public and Private Sectors providing a trusted way for agreeing pricing and payment mechanisms within many facets of the industry, including, Facilities Management, Construction, Maintenance and Refurbishment works, Insurance and Landlords.

The Schedules are compiled and updated annually and over 30,000 Rates are updated each year, New editions of the Schedules are published on the 1st August each year. The schedules are the only National basis of pricing that is truly independent.

Building Works National Schedules that you can trust.

The schedules work well with a combination of strategies based on the service requirements and are adaptable for tendering either on a percentage adjustment or fully priced preliminaries basis allowing for overheads and profit. The payment mechanism should be worked out in advance, reflected in the contract and established in the administration procedures.

Our most popular selling is the Building, Mechanical and Electrical box set, purchased by the Employer and contractor alike covering most building fabric and service needs. Each National Schedule has a brief description giving an overview of what is included within the rates. These are generally prepared on labour, plant and materials basis with a percentage adjustment(s) an tendered by the contractor to cover overheads, profit and preliminaries.

Publications available are: Building, Painting and Decorating, Mechanical, Electrical, Access Audit, Housing and Highways. We also supply all the schedules in eBook format and the data runs within our software MTC QS.

The National Schedule of Rates Paper Books

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National Schedules eBooks and lookups

All our publications are available as eBooks, which can be viewed on site or at the office via browser they are identical to the hard copy books, but are a view on line only with a useful search facility. eBooks are view only you cannot copy and paste them. Sections of the eBooks are available without the need to buy the full eBook if you are at tendering stage and just wish to access the rates for information.

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