Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives

Since 1982 the National Schedules have been used by organisations to formulate the pricing and payment mechanisms for Maintenance Term Contracts in Construction. For us to continue our success as Specialist in Term Contracts we must continue to look to the horizon, expand and embrace the forces that shape and affect every business in this digital age. In steering NSR Management, our mission, vision and values will navigate us in how we continue to do business and meet these challenges.

Our Mission

We are a business information provider that publishes the National Schedules and our mission is to be the trusted first port of call for establishing pricing and payment mechanisms on Term Contracts with transparency and accountability.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create and expand our portfolio of National Schedules to meet the pricing and payment mechanism needs across every sector where Term Contracts are the preferred method of contracting.

Our Values

Intrinsic values are what give the strength to shape the business environment. Our values of accountability and transparency are foundational to the genesis of the National Schedules and it is what you can expect from all of our people:

  • We encourage our people to take appropriate leadership and responsibility, to engage with our clients positively and help shape the Term Contract environment with integrity.
  • We are a transparent company and we collaborate with employers and contractors to the mutual benefit of the Term Contract by establishing clear and transparent basis of pricing and payment.
  • We are a company without barriers open to people of different races, cultures, male and female working together without discrimination.
  • We welcome positive engagement, feedback and ideas and want our company to be a learning environment where we grow together, learning from one another and translating this into an excellent place to work and a great company to do business with.

Our Objectives

Over the next few years, NSR Management will continue to:

  • Focus on the needs of our customers by listening, facilitating, engaging and challenging to enable the optimum pricing and payment solutions for Term Contracts.
  • Concentrate our resources efficiently to provide the most effective service for our customers.
  • Continue to promote a company-wide culture of customer service, continuous improvement and quality.
  • Grow our business by entering new markets and developing new products and services.
  • Increase the proportion of our turnover through overseas franchises.