About Us

About Us

NSR Management is a niche company, widely recognised in the Construction sector as specialists in Term Contracts. We were formed through a partnership between the Construction Confederation and The Society of Chief Quantity Surveyors (SCQS) who published the first National Schedule of Rates in 1982.

We publish and sell the National Schedules which are an industry standard series of pricing and payment mechanisms used in Term Maintenance Contracts. The Schedules are updated annually with all Material, Labour and Plant prices individually researched and re-priced with new Schedules published on 1st August each year.  The National Schedules are recognised as a suitable option for pricing maintenance contracts drafted in the JCT Measured Term Contract. Our trusted name comes from some foundational values of the business which include transparency and accountability.

Our people have many years of experience having worked with the Public and Private sector and having dealt with most asset types. Our customer base is diverse ranging from Client Users such as the Ministry of Justice, Network Rail, numerous Local Authorities and Contractors that range from the national companies to the local Builder – (see our customer page). We support our customers by offering a Technical Forum where questions arising can be answered.

It is a great place to work and we offer flexible hours that allow our people to balance work and family commitments. We are a diverse company and we support our employees to develop and grow positively. We believe in rewarding for work well done and motivating our staff through a sense of belonging and purpose.

Our commitment is to our customers and our people and it is through this commitment that our business grows stronger.