Minute Value Schedules now online

Posted: 14th November 2017 | by

NSR Management would like to announce that the Standard Minute Values for Building, Mechanical and Electrical Schedules 2017 are now available on our web site as e-books.


Symbility Collaborates with NSR Management

Posted: 25th October 2017 | by

Symbility and NSRM have worked together bringing their respective expertise to bear to deliver a market-leading pricing solution meeting the needs of Symbility’s UK customer base. This database incorporates both Symbility’s expertise in estimating practices and software usability with NSRM’s proven track record in the pricing of repair works to deliver the most current and accurate pricing, whilst maintaining a focus on applicability, usability and quality throughout. This new database will be seamlessly delivered via Symbility’s range of cloud based claims collaboration and estimating applications.

The integration of NSRM’s trusted experience in building repair pricing data for the broader UK construction industry, augmented with Symbility’s extensive knowledge in claims processing, loss estimating and process management technologies, deliver a market-driven enterprise solution that enables a better claims management experience for UK insurers and the entire UK claims supply chain community.

“Our collaboration with NSRM fulfils a strategic objective for our UK business, which we believe will be highly advantageous for our clients,” said Symbility Solutions CEO, James Swayze. “NSRM’s building pricing data together with Symbility’s claims management cloud technology, deliver a best-in-class solution. This solution reinforces Symbility’s long-term commitment to the UK property claims industry and supports our stated strategy to be the premier claims management cloud platform provider to the global insurance market.”

David Fairbrother, Managing Director of NSR Management Ltd., commented, “We are excited about working with Symbility to deliver value into what is at the moment, only a small segment for our business. NSRM is trusted by thousands of individuals and businesses in the United Kingdom to support the pricing of building works in the construction and maintenance markets. It is a natural progression for us to deliver our expertise to what is a very important sector of our industry. We were very excited to be approached by Symbility, who are the market leaders in their field and believe the outputs of our collaboration will deliver significant value over the long term.”


Material Error correction 2017 schedules

Posted: 4th October 2017 | by

Please Note. A Couple of material price errors have been spotted in the 2017 Electrical Schedule which should be amended in your copies of the schedules.

  1. V2189082 – the material price is listed as £4.30 however this should have been discounted by 60% to give a correct figure of £1.72
  2. Y6151 – The material prices as listed are incorrect as the materials have been entered as per 1000m rather than per 100m consequently the decimal point in the materials in section should be one place to the left. electronic users of the schedule will receive a revised copy of the schedule and book users will receive an addendum.

New 2017/18 Schedules

Posted: 19th July 2017 | by

NSR management would like to inform all our MTC clients that the new 2017/18 editions of the schedules are now available for adding to their contracts. (please contact Tina for access). The book, e-book and look-up versions will be available from week commencing 31st July.

2015 November updates now available

Posted: 7th December 2015 | by

NSR Management would like to inform users that the updates to the Building Mechanical and Electrical Schedules are now available, details of which are contained on the PDF below. Any data users who would like the new rates need to contact Tina who will be happy to provide them.

November updates 2015